web design ⁝ brkfst dance company


BRKFST Dance Company is a St. Paul/Minneapolis-based performance arts collective founded in 2014.

As a self-funded dance ensemble, brkfstdance.com provided us with a unique opportunity to work together to design a bold yet professional website for grant applications, upcoming event listings, performance archive, and contact information.

Primary Objectives

Showcase a highly visual overview of the collective's work with a focus on photography from past performances

Feature a current list of upcoming events/performances

Feature a list of links to view past performance footage

Provide contact and donation information

With an understanding that the company’s performance/event calendar would not exceed more than twice per season on average, a simple listed layout was designed to bring focus on their most significant, upcoming performances.

Upon clicking on an event title, an event detail page showcases a graphic, image, or flyer that represents the concept of the performance. On scroll, a parallax effect reveals a brief description about the performance and a link to access tickets or learn more about the event via the venue or ticket vendor.

For site maintenance purposes and consistency, the collective's archival content was also reduced to a list of titles leading to external links of videos that are hosted on other platforms.

To add visual interest to the page, a thumbnail image from each event/performance was designed to be shown on hover.

A photography-based informational page was designed to bring emphasis on the mission of the collective’s company as a whole and the members and their individual experiences that bring them together as a unified ensemble.

The contact page was a great opportunity to design something graphic and uncoventional to access the company’s preferred point of contact and newsletter sign-up link.

A page was also designed to include information on how a user can support the company through various methods of donation.

It was also important to ensure the design of the site was responsive as it scales down to smaller screen sizes.

At a breakpoint of 770px (~tablet), the fixed, left menu translates off the page and is replaced with a fixed, horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page.

At a breakpoint of 500px (~mobile), the layout and typesetting were adjusted furthermore.





Client ⁝ Lisa Berman, BRKFST Dance Company

Web Design & Dev ⁝ Teresa Tran